How to put on an Abaya ?

You love abayas, whether it's traditional abayas, dress abayas, kimono abayas or butterfly abayas, but you don't know how to put on an abaya? Should every abaya be put on the same way or are there different ways to put on an abaya, depending on the different styles? If you have all these questions, you've come to the right place! In this blog post how to put on an abaya, we will answer all your questions.


Before we answer the question, we would like to remind you the main points we think are essential to know about abayas regarding their origins and main purpose.

Theabaya is a traditional garment from the Middle East, Saudi Arabia, the Gulf countries and the Maghreb, it is mainly worn by women of Muslim religion. This garment is primarily intended to hide the curves of women who wear it. Theabaya is also mainly put over other clothes.

How to wear an abaya ?

We are going to explain you mainly how to put an abaya, however if the question you are asking yourself is, how to put an abaya we have dedicated some blog posts on it like how to wear an abaya? or how to wear a butterfly abaya ? If you are looking to match your clothes or outfit with the abaya these articles are for you.

How to wear an abaya?

Let's go back to our sheep, how to put an abaya? As you can imagine there are different styles ofabayas, abayas with or without opening in the front, with or without button closure, loose and others less loose. The different styles of abayas are not put on in the same way.

how to put on abaya muslim store

The abaya kimono

Thekimono abaya is relatively simple to put on, this abaya has mostly no button and closes with a simple turban at the waist, which will facilitate the task. You will be able to put it how if you put on a simple vest, then you will have case closed by tightening the turban at the level of your sizes with a knot. We advise you not to tighten the turban too much at your waist which might not be very aesthetic if thekimono abaya is too loose.

The abaya with button closure

Theabaya with button closure, as before theabaya that has buttons is also easier to put on just put it on like a simple vest and close all the buttons and the turn and play!

The traditional abaya or the butterfly abaya

Thetraditional abaya or thebutterfly abaya are a little more complicated to put on, because most of them don't have a closure or a turban at the waist to tighten it. Simply put it on by tucking the bottom of theabaya to your head and then tucking your arms into the sleeves.

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