How to wear on a Djellaba ?

Are you one of those people who love djellabas and wonder how to wear on a djellaba? Have you ever tried to Google it? If so, then you know what I'm talking about. Too many results with little (or no) information. Does every djellaba have to be worn the same way or are there different ways to wear it, depending on the style? If you're wondering about this, you've come to the right place! We have prepared a blog post for you and we hope it will help you and answer all your questions.


Before that, we would like to remind you the points that we think are essential to know about the djellabas and their origins. This will perhaps allow you to better assimilate them.

The djellaba is a long and wide dress with a hood, worn by both men and women. The djellaba is an essential element of traditional Moroccan clothing and has been worn for a century. It is the national dress and has its place in all aspects of daily life. But the djellaba is also a traditional garment in North Africa, particularly in Algeria, Tunisia and Libya. It is also spelled, the djellaba or the djellabah. The word comes from the Arabic word جلبة (dʒalb).

How to wear a djellaba?

We will mainly explain to you how to wear on a djellaba, but if the question you have is more about how to match a djellaba with your accessories or other clothes. We have dedicated a blog post to this topic called "how to wear a djellaba". The new trend in Europe was to combine modern and traditional clothes and I really liked that so if you are looking to combine your modern clothes with a djellaba, this article is surely for you.

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How to wear a djellaba?

Let's get back to the point, how to wear on a djellaba? There are many different styles of djellaba. But the djellabas have all the particularity to be closed on the front of the outfit. The various styles of djellaba this puts thus all in the same way without exception.

The djellaba is not very complicated to put on although it has neither closing nor opening on the front of the outfit. You just have to wear it by tucking the bottom of the djellaba to your head, then tucking the arms in the sleeves.

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