How to wear an Abaya ?

Love the Abaya style, but don't know how to wear an abaya? Or which style to choose from all the abaya styles available? What to wear with an abaya? Should you wear accessories with an abaya? We will try to answer all your questions in this blog post.


In order to answer the question, how to wear an abaya? It is already necessary to know the principles of this traditional garment that has become essential nowadays. Theabaya is a traditional garment in Muslim countries in the Middle East, Saudi Arabia, the Gulf countries and the Maghreb, it is mainly worn by women of Muslim religion.

This female garment is worn above other clothes and allows to hide by it the curves of women.

The abaya, the garment that has become unavoidable

Theabaya, which is quite sober and classic, mainly black in color, has become an essential garment, fashion for Muslim women and fashion designers. Some of you have certainly seen the potential of creation and artistic development almost unlimited. It is no longer theblack abaya, classic, sober and as closed as the time. It is a fashion garment in its own right. After all, who said Muslim women couldn't be interested in fashion?

Feminine and elegant or inaccessible and mysterious? The choice is yours.

This garment has become a must-have in our wardrobes and is becoming a good compromise for women who want to cover up a little more. However, with all these new creations and all these different styles and combinations, it is sometimes difficult to make a choice.

What style of abaya to choose?

Far from the first styles ofabaya, black and classic. This garment has taken a new turn, more colorful and a wide choice of different styles, textures and materials, with or without patterns, sequins, laces, beads or embroidery. There is now something for everyone and every taste. It' s up to you to choose what you like and for what purpose you want to wear it, in the evening or for a more or less daily use?

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How to wear an Abaya ?

It is important to understand that theabaya is above all a traditional garment that allows women not to show the curves of their body. It should not be worn in an inappropriate way like with a short skirt or mini shorts. Theabaya is worn with modesty, but can still be worn with class and look chic. You can wear an abaya with simple jeans, leggings, pants or a long skirt. For the top, opt for a loose fitting t-shirt or sweatshirt with or without colors, depending on the color you choose for your abaya. Avoidthe off-white, as said before, it could be inappropriate and confusing, regarding your beliefs. As for the shoes, you can leave sure simple sneakers or sandals and rather more aesthetic shoes for the evenings, everything depends on your use and where you want to wear it.

The good news is that if you opt for an abaya rather sober, you will have more ease in combining theabaya with your clothes. So try it out, the basic principle is to look chic and not arrogant in your style.

What accessories to wear with an abaya?

Although, the abaya style was rather simple and sober, it is advisable to accompany you with what chic accessories, such as a small shoulder bag or one or more bracelets will bring an added value to your outfit. Attention the goal is to be chic and to distinguish itself and not to fall in the vulgarity. So choose your accessories carefully.

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