Which Shoes to Choose with an Abaya?

Wondering what shoe to wear with an abaya? I had the same problem when I first wore an abaya. By doing a simple search (if you can call it that), I discovered that there weren't many answers or blogs on the subject. Choosing the right shoe for the right occasion is a big challenge, as we have to take into account our environment, the weather and our outfit. So how about choosing a shoe for an abaya?

What shoes to choose with an abaya?

I've noticed a lot of people asking about shoes with an abaya. Personally, I think the whole topic of what to wear under your abaya is a bit silly and everyone should wear their own style and comfort. Here is my personal opinion on the subject, followed by some thoughts from others. By gathering a few opinions and providing my own, I was able to complete my research on the different types of shoes to use with an abaya. I hope this helps you decide what you want to do!

what shoes to choose with an abaya Muslim store

Sneakers with an abaya

If you're like me and have both long and short dresses in your wardrobe, you may have had a hard time matching them with the right pair of shoes. An abaya is a type of dress that covers most or all of your body (except for your face and hands). Here are some good reasons to wear black, shiny shoes with an abaya. Wearing black sneakers or sneakers with an abaya is kind of challenging, you either love it or hate it. It all depends on your personal preferences and what you are comfortable with despite the fact that it is not supposed to be worn with this kind of clothing in Islam. Wearing sneakers with an abaya seems like a risky combination. It isn't. If you have the right kind of sneakers, they can be versatile and fashionable for any abaya style.

Ballet flats with an abaya

Is it possible to wear ballet flats with an abaya? Is it even a thing? Yes, I'm here to talk about wearing ballet flats with an abaya! You can find ballet flats in almost any city (secretly though, in my experience with Saudi Arabia), and sometimes it can be a relief from wearing high heels. Ballet flats are comfortable, easy to walk in, and very convenient for shopping!

Heels with an abaya

I love wearing heels with an abaya (duh, who doesn't?!) for the simple fact that I feel like they take me more seriously. The outfits I wear in heels are so different and can sometimes take hours to put together and match, but it's totally worth it. I don't feel like an ordinary woman when I wear heels with my abaya, I feel like a lady. When I wear heels, people treat me with respect and courtesy because they think "wow, she must be important or something".

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