Burkini for women

The burkini for Muslim women is composed of pants and a sports tunic with integrated hood. It is made of an elastic material that guarantees freedom of movement and comfort during physical activity, ensuring comfort and safety, perfect for practice. The cut is particularly suitable and at the neck it is easy to remove and put on. Our burkinis are specially designed to be a complete swimsuit. The design and high waist details make this burkinis set look as good on the beach as it does in the pool. The water-absorbing material is designed to support you without sticking and keep you cool so you can focus on your fun. Our burkini offers comfort and modesty. The garment's fabric is double coated for maximum chlorine and water resistance. The modest swimsuit will not mildew after getting wet. It dries quickly and is not damaged by the sun's UV rays. When you're at the beach or lounging in the pool, you want to be able to wear your favorite burkini without feeling exposed. Let us cover you up with our new burkini set. Our long burkini is the perfect swimsuit for Muslim women. Designed to be worn underneath your regular clothes, this swimsuit offers you a look and feel of complete coverage.

Swimsuit for veiled women

Our burkini is a perfect alternative to a bikini, for women who want to stay fit and conform to Islamic dress codes. Our burkini is a variant of the swimsuit with an exclusive cut. Our swimsuit is adapted to the body of the woman wearing a veil and fits several beach accessories and beach hijab turban. This set has a built-in hood and is made of breathable material so you can swim freely and even dive from the board! Made from high quality materials, this style fits all shapes and sizes. Enjoy the water without limits. At first glance, our bottom reveals an ultra-modern swimsuit made to reveal everything. But when you turn around, it becomes a full-length swimsuit hidden under an illusion you control. With a chic, structured back and bold colors, this may be the best swimsuit you've ever owned. Our line of full-coverage long swimsuits will allow you to fully enjoy water activities while protecting your skin from UV rays. Our sizes are designed to fit all shapes, no matter what your body type.

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