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Clothing for Muslim women

Our collections are designed for Muslim women who want to dress modestly and chicly. Our clothes are made of high quality fabrics, which makes them very comfortable to wear. These fabrics respect the body, ensuring a soft and comfortable fit. It is inspired by the Muslim community that dresses with simplicity, elegance and graphic forms. Discover a wide range of ready-to-wear garments designed to meet the needs of Muslim women: veils, tunics, abayas, pants and djellabas. Our collections offer the latest trends and we present a wide range of models with special attention to functionality and comfort. Our collections have been carefully selected so that they comply with religious requirements and are also very fashionable. We ensure that our customers receive high quality products at reasonable prices, in addition to a well thought-out service.

Abaya Collection

Theabaya has a long history as an integral part of the Arabian wardrobe. It is traditionally a one-piece dress that covers the entire body, except for the face, hands and feet. The variety seen today reflects regional differences. Beautiful and bright abayas are perfect for all occasions, including prayer and visits to the mosque, shopping trips with friends, academic ceremonies, family celebrations and summer expeditions. Theabaya is the quintessential UAE garment and a fashion staple. Choose from distinct styles, such as the traditional solid color abaya dress or thebutterfly sleeve abaya, or modern versions of this classic garment, with bold prints or Western-inspired patterns. Whatever your preference, theabaya will never go out of style. Our products are available in different sizes, colors and materials to suit every woman's taste and budget.

Hijab Collection

The hijab collection is more than just a fashion statement; it is a modest means of self-expression and protection from the world. Our latest hijabs include different fabrics, colors and styles that offer coverage for today's modern Muslim woman. From easy to put on hijabs to no-iron silk Medina hijabs, we have the perfect product for every occasion. Hijabs have taken on a whole new meaning. They are available in a variety of styles and fabrics, some are easy to wear and comfortable, others are elegant and decorative. We have solutions for all your hijab needs; let us help you create the look you want. Our hijab collection is the result of a deep commitment to modesty and creativity. With styles ranging from classic to chic. The brand is committed to offering lightweight hijabs without compromising on the quality of details, fabrics and colors.

35 products

35 products