Dubai Abaya

Dubai Abaya for Women

As women who know and appreciate Islamic dress, we have put together this collection of trendyabayas. Made of high quality synthetic materials, they combine contemporary design with respect for traditional values. TheDubai abaya is not only light, but also comfortable. TheDubai abaya will allow you to travel without having to worry about the outfit and will give you a modern look. Indeed, this abaya is very fluid and flared to give a comfortable effect. Its fabric is light, allowing you to breathe or stay warm easily. Moreover, in winter or in hot countries, this abaya will be faithful to your needs by being thin and not bothering you by its weight. It has closed sleeves that allow you to wear it without having to take it off for prayer. You can play sports while remaining covered. We are also concerned about the modern woman and her need for comfort. So after extensive research, we chose a naturally light and comfortable fabric with an air effect. An investment in comfort is what you should consider when buying your first collection ofhigh end abaya. You won't be disappointed. To complete this collection, there are also differentabaya designs depending on your taste and the way you wear abayas.

The Dubai Abaya and Chic

What could be more chic than an abaya from Dubai? That's precisely what inspired the Dubai abaya decor. The latest fashion looks and the brightest Arabic colors are creatively combined to make each abaya unique. This is not an easy task: a Dubai abaya must fully meet the requirements of classic Islamic modesty, yet be elegant and beautiful. Theabaya has reached new heights this season. From chic embroideries to quirky prints, theabaya is perfect for flaunting your style while remaining fashionable. Whatever your choice of fabric or print, our abayas are a must have this season.

The Dubai Abaya and luxury

TheDubai abaya is the luxury and desirability of many women in Muslim countries who seek fashion for beauty in their lives. TheDubai abaya is a garment that has inspired many high fashion designers. Topping the list, Elie Saab and Dolce & Gabbana are among the designers who like to share their creations made for Arab women. TheDubai Abaya is designed to be worn in a sophisticated and elegant manner. The canvas fabric will protect you from adverse weather conditions. It also gives you extra comfort. Due to its light weight and high quality, theDubai abaya is your best choice to wear them.

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27 products