Long Dress

Muslim Long Dress

Muslim dresses are long dresses designed to cover Muslim women in a way that is appropriate in the eyes of Allah. If you are looking for more modest clothing for veiled women, long dresses or maxi dresses are an easy solution. Or maybe you're looking for something for a special occasion like a cocktail party, a formal dinner, or you just want to try out some unique clothing. Our maxi dresses are chic and modern. Our dresses for veiled women are modest chic classy and ultra elegant. Our long dresses are characterized by light and soft velvet like fabrics and trendy modern shades that guarantee femininity and elegance. Our Muslim maxi dresses are the latest and most popular in Islamic clothing. We are the only company at the forefront of fashion to combine modernity with Islamic codes, which has allowed us to create an updated version.

Long Evening Dress

Our long evening dresses for Muslim women look great and give you a little extra space. We are sure you will find the perfect long evening dress. Our long evening dress has a spectacular design that captures the essence of an oriental woman. A modern interpretation of a maxi dress makes this dress a perfect option for a number of occasions. Made from high quality fabrics, our long evening dress for Muslim women is the epitome of outward beauty. Whether it's a formal occasion or a party, our range of beautiful and trendy long evening dresses for Muslim women has all the right choices for you. From glamorous outfits to modest-chic styles, we have many options in sizes ranging from small to extra large at very affordable prices.

Muslim Wedding Dress

Is looking your best every day a priority for you? Is it important for you to be the most elegant woman at a dinner, wedding or party? At Musulmane, we provide modest fashion to Muslim women around the world. There are several considerations when choosing an outfit for an Islamic wedding ceremony. The bride should wear a dress that is modest yet beautiful. Each of our modest dresses has been designed exclusively within our collections to meet the fashion needs of contemporary Muslim women. All of our wedding dresses for Muslim women are designed to meet your specific needs on your big day, while allowing you to look your best! We offer a wide range of designs to match your style and personality. You can choose from a range of colors and styles to achieve a look that suits you perfectly. We have a team of dedicated people working on this collection who add value to its creation.

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21 products