Moroccan Djellaba

The Moroccan Djellaba for Women

The Moroccan djellaba is a very noble traditional garment, it has been a distinctive element of the Moroccan identity. The Moroccan djellaba is an essential piece of clothing that completes the daily and dynamic wardrobe of the Moroccan woman. Its presence at all social gatherings, weddings and community events, gives this dress a special presence and originality to the wearer. Beautiful, spacious and comfortable, with a particularly pleasant cut, it is made of a soft and very pleasant fabric. It remains elegant even if it is a traditional Moroccan dress. The material is very pleasant to wear. Simply put, this djellaba is for the modern Moroccan woman who wants to continue wearing her heritage. This modern interpretation of the classic djellaba comes in the form of a tunic that allows all women to easily embrace this piece of history. The djellaba is made from the highest quality fabrics to ensure its durability over the years. A light and loose fitting Moroccan Djellaba is designed to give a woman a feminine yet elegant look. Celebrate your new look with this elegant and traditional women's djellaba.

Women's Djellaba for Eid

The Moroccan djellaba was designed to help you hold the attention of your audience, ensuring that all eyes are on you in any setting, be it professional or private. Its elegant design, with an unconventional and unique flair, is the epitome of style and class. The Moroccan djellaba is a garment with a long tradition. Today, it is worn on special occasions in Morocco as well as in daily life. The Moroccan djellaba, a traditional garment, is made of a soft and light fabric, embroidered in suitable shapes. It is easy to wear at the waist by a cord or a wide belt. You can wear this garment also during weddings orEid. A classic Moroccan Djellaba for women is a must-have garment for the special Muslim holiday ofEid Al Fitr. A Moroccan Djellaba will make this day even more special. The Djellaba is also an essential garment during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan for dignified and self-respecting Muslim women.

Buying Moroccan Djellaba online

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5 products