The modern caftan

The caftan originated in Morocco and is designed to be worn on festive or religious occasions. This comfortable dress will make you feel like a queen all day long. The caftan is an ideal garment for special occasions for its softness, comfort and magnificence. Caftans are loose fitting garments that follow the contour of the body and are designed to be held closed with a belt. Kaftans are usually long and reach below the knees. Today, they are still worn by Moroccan women of all ages, and are available in many different materials, with embroidery and appliqués being the most common. The caftan will always be successful. It is the dress in which the woman of our culture has always felt comfortable and in which she has expressed her own originality and personality. A model with a simple cut and easy to wear; it is a chromatic composed of pieces that combine together in perfect harmony.

The Moroccan caftan

The Moroccan caftan, so named for the inspiration it draws from the colorful dresses worn by women in Morocco, is a wraparound dress that has been cut, shaped and draped to flatter your body type. Our Moroccan caftans are wonderfully versatile pieces that can be worn as a dress or skirt, over leggings for added warmth, or simply on their own. Our high quality caftans are made from the highest quality fabrics that are super soft to the touch. Our contemporary Moroccan caftan is specially designed to give women the most feminine silhouette, with long draped sleeves and a subtle tie at the waist. The caftan falls freely from the waist to flare at the hem in a bell shape that allows for easy and comfortable movement Moroccan caftans are a chic style statement in a wardrobe.

The caftan for a wedding

The wedding caftan, as it is called, is an elegant garment that you and your friends will love. It is made with intricate embroidered patterns for a sophisticated look. This designer caftan is a delightful alternative for your special day. The wedding caftan is the centerpiece of traditional weddings and is one of the most common garments at a Maghreb wedding. Since then, they have become an icon of popular culture. The caftan is modern, sophisticated and you can wear it in many ways! The caftan is used for wedding ceremonies and other special occasions, like family reunions. Indeed, this model of caftan will accompany you in your 1st stage of life. It highlights your femininity and sensuality thanks to its enveloping effect. An essential garment for all women! Celebrating the joys of marriage, an elegant caftan is the ideal choice for this memorable celebration.

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