Butterfly Abaya

The Simple Butterfly Abaya

Thebutterfly abaya is a traditional women's garment worn in the Arab world and in many Islamic countries, which has evolved into a sophisticated urban wardrobe piece. Theabaya is the most recognized garment in the Middle East, adopted by all women regardless of their religion. It has become a wardrobe staple, just as the caftan was for Western women in the 1950s. It is the perfectabaya to wear to work or a party with friends (compared to an ordinary abaya ), it allows you maximum freedom of movement, while maintaining the characteristics of an ideal abaya: respectability, modesty and protection. TheButterfly Abaya is ideal for women who want modest clothing. This style is perfect for women who like to cover most of the body, especially the top, since the arms and neck are completely covered.

The 3abaya for Women

TheButterfly Abaya is easy to wear and offers full coverage. TheButterfly Abaya is an original design, which combines oriental fashion with maximum coverage and chic style. The lightweight fabric of thebutterfly abaya is ideal for hot climates and the breathable properties make it very comfortable to wear in high temperatures. The ultimate all-season garment, the versatileAbaya can be worn over a garment or dress and can easily be dressed up or down for any occasion. Light and cool for summer days, but warm for winter nights, with the ability to cover it from head to toe. Thebutterfly abaya always looks good on you, it never goes out of style and helps you look stylish. Thebutterfly abaya is a very different piece from our regular collection. It features two large panels of fabric that extend over the shoulders. This adds fullness and fluidity to the garment while keeping your curves well covered. With this piece, you get both a vintage and modern design, a mix you won't find in any other style.

The Modern 3abaya

This abaya is designed for today's woman. The design has been updated to flatter the figure while remaining modest. TheButterfly Abaya is designed to fit all body types and different tastes of our customers. Our product is a garment, but not an accessory. Its shape automatically enhances your figure without you having to think about it, becoming a part of your body, moving with your gestures. Its extremely soft material and comfortable fit make it a "must have" in every wardrobe. TheButterfly Abaya is an elegant and simple abaya, designed in a very flowing fabric to complement any silhouette. The attractive butterfly sleeves create a beautiful visual effect when you raise your hands while walking down the street.

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10 products