The Modern Djellaba for Women

The Djellaba is a traditional garment of Moroccan women. It is a long dress, often bright and colorful, which is worn on festive occasions. The djellaba and babouche have become an important part of Moroccan national dress and are worn from early childhood. Throughout the ages, the djellaba has never ceased to be a Berber garment. It remains today an essential piece of clothing for both rural and urban dwellers. The long-term use as well as the appropriate care make each djellaba unique. In this case of maintaining its ethnic specificity, the djellaba has benefited from remaining almost unchanged since the eighteenth century in Tunisia and Algeria, it is still worn in a variety of colors and patterns. The Djellaba dress with hood and sleeves is made of a very comfortable fabric, which allows perfect freedom of movement. Different designed models are available for summer or winter seasons. The Moroccan-inspired design of the djellaba is a classic look that reflects tradition and fashion. The color of this simple garment will coordinate with any style or occasion, offering an elegant and timeless look. This piece matches all eye, skin and hair colors for a naturally flattering fit that enhances your natural beauty.

The Moroccan Djellaba

The Moroccan djellaba is a must-have garment for any woman. With its elegant silhouette and feminine style, the Moroccan djellaba is a stylish hijab that can be worn on any occasion, whether in the city or the country. The modern djellaba will bring elegance to your outfit without sacrificing comfort and freedom of wear. Our wide range of djellabas is inspired by Moroccan fashion and traditional style djellabas. All our latest collections are dedicated to the fashion for Moroccan women and the Moroccan djellaba is part of this new generation. It is Moroccan women who wear it with the greatest pride to embody their culture, but certainly not only as a symbol of identity. One of the keys to its success is its comfort and avant-garde designs.

Black Djellaba for Women

The black jellaba for Muslim women. Its elegant design is perfect for everyday wear, with a comfortable fit and soft fabric. The black djellaba for Muslim women is an authentic style of clothing and has been the traditional attire of Moroccan Muslim women. The versatile black djellaba can be worn as a dress with pants or skirt underneath. This garment is flowing enough to keep the wearer warm on cool days, but light enough not to be uncomfortable on warmer days. It is perfect for those who like style and comfort in their clothing.

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