How to Sew an Abaya ?

Check out a helpful tutorial on how to sew an abaya. These traditional dresses can be sewn at home in any size for a woman or a girl. This article will help you choose the materials and designs that suit your taste and budget. What kind of dress do you want to wear to a party? You can't find an orientalabaya that suits you. That's right! You'll learn how to make your own abaya, no matter what your body shape is. Just make sure you take your measurements and choose a pattern that fits your body size. Here are some tips.

What materials do I need to sew an abaya?

Many who are not familiar with abayas might think that you can wear one in any color. This is true, but an abaya is traditionally black, so don't hesitate to choose a dark colored fabric. For the project instructions you need: 3.5 meters of double fabric and 1.50 meters wide. Now, for the next step, you will need a tracing paper for the reproduction of the sewing pattern and a sewing machine. You can find this type of material in your nearest store.

What pattern to sew an abaya?

You can also use the sewing pattern of a wide-sleeved tunic that you can adjust to make it shorter or longer by adding or cutting pieces of the dress to fit your needs. If you have decided to know how to sew an abaya, then it is possible to make a pattern for yourself if you have the right sewing skills and all the necessary materials to do so. Otherwise, it is possible to sew your abaya from the pattern of a bat dress that you will also lengthen according to the desired length of your oriental outfit.

How to sew an abaya?

Sewing patterns are a great way to have the ability to create exactly the clothes you love while saving money. The best patterns are well made and easy to follow, but they don't always have the shapes you want. So you need to start making this Moroccan dress by reproducing the sewing pattern. Indeed, it is necessary that a preparation is made in advance for the realization of this work.

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Step 1: Making the sewing pattern of the abaya

You will need to take your measurements just before you start. Measure your arms at their widest part, then decide on the length of your sleeves. Next, you will need to determine the size of the dress. You need to create a flared bottom on a tunic so that it looks exactly like it did at the factory.

Step 2: Cutting the fabric

Before you do anything else, lay all the pieces of your pattern on the fabric. This will allow you to check that all the pieces match up correctly. After cutting the pieces, you can lay them out on the fabric to make sure everything was done correctly before continuing.

Step 3: Assembling the abaya pieces

Assemble the cut pieces piece by piece. First the front, then the sleeves and finally the back. Now you can proceed to the finishing touches. Make sure that theabaya of the dress is in good shape.

Why make your own abaya?

Making your own abaya dress can save you a lot of money. You'll probably find it cheaper than buying one from the market, as most online stores will sell you high-quality ready-to-wear clothing for at least 50 €.

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