How to sew a Djellaba ?

Are you passionate about sewing or creating a djellaba? And you are searching in vain how to sew a djellaba? You wonder where to start and what are the techniques to sew one? No problem, we have prepared this blog post to guide you to achieve the results you want. We will explain and guide you step by step so that you know how to sew a djellaba yourself.

If you have already done some sewing or if you are more or less experienced. You will quickly realize that sewing a djellaba is relatively simple. It will usually only take one or two days of work, depending on your sewing experience. The part that can be quite difficult at first is finding a sewing pattern. But don't worry about that, because we will provide you with one.

What materials do I need to sew a djellaba?

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The fabric

First of all, the material you absolutely need is fabric. We recommend a comfortable, soft and light fabric. If you are used to djellabas you will be able to find the fabric you like quite easily, otherwise cotton or cotton crepe will be fine. Note that the difference between cotton and cotton crepe is its resistance. The cotton crepe is denser and therefore more resistant.

A pattern

In this tutorial we will provide you with a pattern to guide you, but you can also make it yourself, depending on what you want to give your djellaba. You can also find some more or less easily on the web. The pattern must be reproduced in real size to be able to work on it later. If you choose to make the pattern yourself then we recommend that you use a dress or another djellaba to guide you in making the pattern and then adjusting it as needed.

A sewing machine

Obviously, after you have made your pattern and got the fabric of your choice, you will need a sewing machine to work with. A sewing machine is a piece of equipment for a seamstress that should not be neglected. There are plenty of them on the market, we advise you to choose it according to the quality of the fabric you have chosen previously.

Simple djellaba pattern

As promised, we provide you with the djellaba pattern to make in real size. You can adapt it, according to your needs, this pattern was made on standard type measurements.

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How to sew a djellaba?

Now that you are ready, we will now move on to the heart of the matter and the question you probably asked yourself, how to sew a djellaba. We advise you to follow the step-by-step plan below.

Step 1 - Cutting the fabric

Equipped with your fabric and your pattern, you must now cut the fabric as shown with the pattern. This step is relatively easy to do. Apply yourself!

Step 2 - Assembling your djellaba

Finally, the most meticulous step, once you have all the pieces of fabric cut out of your future djellaba. You will have to assemble them, by following the instructions of the pattern the assembly of your djellaba will take shape little by little and your enthusiasm too. The assembly of the pieces must obviously be done section by section to ensure a straighter line and better finishes.

Step 3 - Finishing

This step may be optional, but for us it is very important. The finishing touches of your djellaba will make it unique. You can personalize it with embroidery or patterns. Now let your creativity run wild to make this djellaba even more beautiful. Every touch can make this djellaba even more beautiful.

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