How to write Djellaba ?

You are asking how to write djellaba, either in Latin letter in Arabic or in Berber? Then you're in the right place. We will explain you the different ways to write djellaba via this small dedicated blog post. As you know, djellaba means "lining", or "wrap", in either Arabic or Berber. It is a traditional outer garment that was worn by people in Arab countries since the 15th century. It is a long, loose, one-piece robe-like coat worn by North Africans and Berbers. Today, this garment has become a part of their tradition and culture. People are used to wearing this garment on special occasions such as religious events.

What are the different ways to write djellaba?

This garment is also known by other names such as: qeššaba, qeššabiya or tajellabit.

The djellaba can also be written jellaba /d͡ʒɛlaba/, there is no exact word even though the word djellaba is more used today. In Arabic djellaba is written جلابة and ⵜⴽⴱⴱⵓⵜ in Berber.

What is a Djellaba?

It is a loose fitting, long-sleeved garment worn by men and originated in North Africa, particularly Morocco. It is worn under the Thobe (male dress). Djellabas are often white and made of cotton. They are also unisex clothing.

The djellaba is a major item for the majority of people in Algeria and Morocco. Every year, new styles are created for the djellabas as well as new colors and fabrics. In fact, women love to merge the djellaba with the modern style.

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