How to make an Abaya ?

Like us you are passionate about Muslim fashion, you are creative and you like to make your own design and style of abaya? Are you wondering how to make an abaya? We will explain you the essential steps in this blog so that you can finally make your own abaya, according to your requirements. If you've ever had the idea of designing your own abaya, the first thing that probably crossed your mind is: where do I start?

It's normal to feel excited when you plan to start something new and different from life. If you are going to make an abaya, it means that you intend to create your own abaya design. Making your own abaya means that you are going to create an item with a personal meaning, as I suppose this stage of your life could be related to a particular moment: wedding, Eid celebrations, or to show your Islamic faith.

What materials do I need to make an abaya?

To start, you need to buy fabric in the color of your abaya. You can choose from a variety of different fabrics. We can recommend viscose, crepe or muslin. It is important to think about the type of fabric you want in a dress, as it will affect the look and feel of the dress. You will need 3.5 yards of double fabric which is 5 feet wide. This tutorial also requires tracing paper To make a sewing pattern template, you will need to draw it on tracing paper. A sewing machine, however, is the star of the show.

To summarize:

  • 3.5 m of double fabric that is 1.50 m wide
  • Tracing paper
  • Sewing machine

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How do you choose a pattern for your abaya?

There are several different approaches you can take to create your abaya. You will be able to find several patterns to create your abaya. Another idea is to sew your abaya from a batwing dress or a short sleeve tunic. You can also adjust the length or width of a pattern you already like. Take your measurements so that you can adjust the sewing pattern correctly. Remember that an abaya is quite wide, so make sure that the bottom of the abaya is flared out.

How to sew your abaya?

Now that you have the material and the pattern of your abaya, it's time to start sewing. You will now have to cut the fabric of your future abaya on the model of the pattern you have chosen. We will explain this step by step to guide you. We advise you to put all the pieces of your pattern on the fabric to be able to make a clean cut. Once you have finished cutting, move on to checking.

You now have the fabric pieces of your future abaya, once cut you can assemble them piece by piece. Your abaya is now finished, well almost you must now proceed to the finishing of your abaya dress for what is more elegant and strong enough to last over time.

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