How to make a Moroccan Djellaba ?

Like us, are you passionate about the artistic creation of the djellaba and are looking for how to make a Moroccan djellaba? Have you found yourself wondering how to make Moroccan djellaba lately? Well, you've come to the right place. We've written this guide to get you started. In just a few steps, you'll understand how to make a Moroccan djellaba that is not only beautiful but unique.

Creating a Djellaba is easy if you know how to sew. It will usually only take a day or two of work for a beginner to sewing. However, the more experience you have, the faster and easier it will be to sew one. The most difficult part of creating a djellaba is finding a pattern that fits you.

how to make a moroccan djellaba

What materials are needed to make a Moroccan djellaba?

The fabric of your djellaba

To make a djellaba, you will need a light and comfortable fabric, such as cotton or cotton crepe. If you choose to use cotton crepe, it will be stronger than 100% cotton because of its higher density.

A Djellaba pattern

First, you need to choose a sewing pattern that you will need to reproduce in actual size. Have sewing tools on hand to replicate the sewing pattern and to cut your fabric. Make sure you have a copy of your sewing pattern to make the outer dress and any accessories so you don't have to keep looking for one when you are ready to sew.

A sewing machine

The sewing machine is essential for the assembly of the garments. Sewing machines should be chosen according to the amount of fabric being processed at the same time, especially if you are working with linen or bulky fabrics that are not lightweight.

How to choose a pattern for a djellaba?

Many women sew a Moroccan djellaba. Today, I propose you a simple pattern to make, an embroidered djellaba without sfifa or 3kads. We adapt it below to the standard measurements of one of our readers and we have chosen a very complete Muslim clothing pattern.

sewing pattern djellaba how to make a moroccan djellabasewing pattern djellaba how to make a moroccan djellabasewing pattern djellaba how to make a moroccan djellabasewing pattern djellaba how to make a moroccan djellabasewing pattern djellaba how to make a moroccan djellabasewing pattern djellaba how to make a moroccan djellaba

Sewing his Moroccan djellaba

Step 1 / Cutting the fabric of your djellaba

When you wear clothes or make clothes, the first step you have to do is to cut the fabric. The fabric is cut according to the pattern of the model.

Step 2 / Assembling your djellaba

Gather the pieces of fabric and assemble them according to the instructions of the pattern and you will see your garment gradually take shape. The fabric pieces are assembled in sections that are sewn together to ensure a straight line and a clean finish, instead of doing everything at once.

Step 3 / Djellaba Finishing

If you're interested in traditional Moroccan clothing, you might consider finishing your djellaba with sfifa embroidery.

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