How to wear a Butterfly Abaya ?

Love the butterfly abaya style, but don't know how to wear a butterfly abaya? What to wear with a butterfly abaya? What accessories to wear with a butterfly abaya? If you have all these questions, you are in the right place! We will answer your questions and queries in this blog post how to wear a butterfly abaya?


Before we answer the question, how to wear a butterfly abaya? We wanted to remind you the main points about this traditional garment, which has now become a must-have nowadays. Thebutterfly abaya is one of the many styles of abaya. This traditional garment from Middle Eastern countries, Saudi Arabia, Gulf countries and Maghreb is mainly worn by women of Muslim religion. This garment aims to hide the curves of women who wear it, it is usually worn over, other clothing.

The style of the butterfly abaya

Theabaya was previously a simple loose-fitting garment, often black, sober and very classic, but it has now become a reference in its own right in the world of Muslim fashion. The designers have appropriated them, which has given a boost to this traditional garment, making it go from a simple classic outfit for Muslims to a fashion reference, there are now all styles, with or without embroidery, with or without beads, different pattern, with or without lace, it is now a wide choice of abaya and style that is presented to us.

Thebutterfly abaya is unlike a more classic abaya or other style, an abaya more amble at the level of the arms and in general, it aims not to show the curves of the body of the Muslim woman. It is a garment worn with modesty and modesty, thebutterfly abaya is known to be a classy garment, see chic and does not reflect in any way vulgarity. Thebutterfly abaya can be of different colors and materials from cotton to Nidah fabric from Korea. The embroidery, patterns, beads and others are less common on the butterfly abaya, neutrality and class are the main assets of it.

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How to wear a butterfly abaya?

How said previously the classicabaya, the traditional garment was first created in order to women not to show the curves of their bodies, for the one who wishes to cover a little more to preserve themselves. As for a more classic abaya, thebutterfly abaya can be worn with jeans, leggings, pants or a long skirt as far as the bottom is concerned, however, not recommended to wear more (vulgar) or provocative clothing such as a mini skirt or mini shorts. As for the top, a simple t-shirt or sweatshirt will do the trick! And above all, no discount, you will have understood everything that can be similar to a provocation is excluded! Thebutterfly abaya is chic and is worn with class. What is worth shoes, a pair of sneakers or sandal will largely do or for an evening or a special event, you can also wear thebutterfly abaya with shoes more chic.

What accessories to wear with a butterfly abaya?

Even if, thebutterfly abaya is mostly, an abaya with a more sober and simple style, the accessories are for us an essential regarding a good outfit that is worth wearing. It's a big yes, for accessories! But which one to choose? What to wear? It is rather advised here to wear rather chic accessories like a small handbag with a shoulder strap or a watch or a golden colored bracelet that stands out on your outfit, but do not fall into the trap, putting accessories is very good, but do not abuse it anyway! The goal is to look chic and elegant and not (bling-bling) and provocative which could reflect the opposite image of what we wanted to show.

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