Where to buy an Abaya in Istanbul ?

Are you living or traveling in Istanbul? And you are wondering, where to buy an abaya in Istanbul? Finding the perfect abaya in Istanbul is a task that not everyone can do. You can find abayas on every corner, but that doesn't mean you will find what you want. Don't look any further, we have listed the stores in Istanbul, where you will find the abaya you are looking for. Istanbul abaya stores are the best place to find a good quality abaya. This ranking is subjective, however we have made sure to choose the most reputable shops in Istanbul selling abaya.

Zulfa Dubai Abaya

where to buy an abaya in istanbul muslim store

Address: Akşemsettin, Fevzipaşa Cad، فاتح،، Zülali Çeşmesi Sk. NO: 5/B،/إسطنبول،، 34080 Fatih, Turkey

Zulfa Dubai Abaya is a clothing boutique for Muslim women, who want to be luxurious and royal. The store emphasizes on the prestige of its chic clothes. A wide range of clothes, elegant and sober abayas. If you are looking for a chic abaya, this is the place to make a nice little purchase.

Al Sheikha Abaya

where to buy an abaya in istanbul muslim store

Address: Akşemsettin, Halıcılar Cd. No:6/B, 34080 Fatih/İstanbul, Turkey

Al Sheikha Abaya is a fashion brand created for Muslim women with a message of luxury, elegance and modesty. The brand features dress abayas and kimono abayas and handpicked hijabs that combine different styles. Classic abayas in a range of colors and styles give a new meaning to feminine modesty. If you agree with the brand's strengths, then you will surely find what you are looking for.

Sashin Ferace

where to buy an abaya in istanbul muslim store

Address: Ali Kuşçu, No, Fatih Cd. No: 67, 34083 Fatih/İstanbul, Turkey

Sashin Ferace is a Muslim women's clothing store, which offers abaya dresses in sober and neutral colors, suitable for all age groups and occasions. At Sashin Ferace, the importance is personal value and dignity. Each dress has unique and different styles. If you want to buy an abaya for everyday use, Sashin Ferace will suit you very well.

Aura Abaya Design

Address: Kazlıçeşme, BO15 Zerujport AVM, Asım Kazancıgil Cd. No: 38, 34020 Zeytinburnu/İstanbul, Turkey

Aura Abaya Design is a boutique for Muslim women, which offers a wide selection of beautiful varieties of abayas and capes. The material is of high quality and very soft, appreciated by the customers. The designs are very varied, there is something for every taste and color. Aura Abaya Design has impeccable taste in creating beautiful designs. Each product is wrapped in elegance and garnished with details that make it even more beautiful. Choose, yours today!

We hope you enjoyed this article and that it will help you choose the abaya you are looking for. There are obviously more stores in Istanbul that offer quality abayas. We wanted to give you a lead to start your search. We invite you to explore and discover new stores that might be in the area!

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