What is an Abaya?

Abaya definition

Theabaya (also known as chador, burqa, jilbāb, Arabic: عباءة ʻabāya) is a wraparound outer garment worn by women in some Islamic traditions to cover themselves in public, which most often appears in a feminine black color. Theabaya covers a woman's body from head to toe, and the free end of theabaya is usually held closed in the hand or tucked under the wearer's clothing.

What is an abaya?

Theabaya is the traditional, loose, long garment worn by some Muslim women in the Islamic world. It covers the entire body except the face, feet and hands. This traditional Islamic dress is a sign of modesty. Theabaya is often depicted as an extension of the hijabs covering the hair. Theabaya is a fairly recent trend in Western culture or more precisely, a fashion trend. Most of these online stores offer you different styles and colors that you can choose according to your taste or preference. They also give you professional advice so that you can have theabaya that suits you best.

Abaya regulations

The wearing of the abaya may or may not be mandatory for all women, depending on the legislation of each state and regardless of religion. Some believe that it is a way to ensure female chastity and preserve family honor. In countries where it is compulsory, it is not always strictly enforced, as in several Gulf countries. However, it is mandatory in Saudi Arabia, except for tourists. Middle Eastern countries and the Maghreb do not require the wearing of theabaya.

How is the abaya changing?

Pressure for change has been building in Saudi Arabia, where reformers are seeking a more modern vision ofIslam. The legal requirement of theabaya is being challenged (on the necessity, color, shape of the garment...) by some senior religious figures. Although it is an issue that concerns all Muslim women. It is a very sensitive issue and has been widely discussed in our time. There are those who defend that it must be black for women to respect their socio-religious identity (what does hijaab mean: garment or concealment) while others think that it can be of any color except white under the pretext that it would be too western. Needless to say, fashion in clothing also influences these trends and challenges the wearing of the long black abaya, whose purpose is to conceal the body from the feet to the neck, as this same fashion is one of the main factors leading girls towards imitation and desire for beauty. By hiding everything but the face, this garment brings out the beauty of women more than it should.

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The abaya is the fashion

Theabaya is the oldest adaptation of Muslim clothing and has become a notion of style. However, in the last century, there has been a change in clothing styles and many Muslim women tend to wear theabaya as an outer garment instead of covering their face with a niqab and using the hijaab to cover their hair. The rise of fashion abayas has led to a demand for contemporary designs and cuts incorporating elegant fabrics such as silk, chiffon or satin, which can be worn in a variety of ways and for different occasions. Ah, theabaya, a garment that many of us associate with Muslim women. Or even just Muslim women from Arab countries. While these women are known to wear abayas in general, there are many variations of this garment. There is much more than the simple black garment we all know and love: Theabaya. So, today I want to show you some of the styles we offer.

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