Which fabric for an Abaya ?

There are many different fabrics that are used to make abayas and finding the perfect one can be a difficult task. That's why we suggest you take a look at this blog post for our suggestions.

Everything you need to know about choosing the right fabric for your abaya

As Muslim women, we love wearing abayas. It helps us cover our body in a more modest way. It represents modesty, piety and for many of us, it is an expression of our faith. But there are so manyabayas on the market, but the question remains: among all the abayas available on the market, which fabric to choose for an abaya? Most women prefer to wear cotton abayas simply because cotton breathes well and is comfortable. If you are looking for an abaya that you can wear on a regular basis, you should consider investing in an abaya made of one or more different fabrics rather than just cotton. We recommend the following four fabrics.

what fabric for an abaya Muslim store

1: Microfiber

In my opinion, the idea of choosing microfiber is very advantageous in terms of price. When it's cold, microfiber is very nice, because it warms up nicely. Microfiber is a textile of synthetic fibers, which constitutes it. It is both very common and very diverse. There are in fact 5000 weaving techniques that can be done with mesh. This makes the fabric extremely flexible during its development. Microfiber is a GSM fabric that has many advantages. It is very easy to clean and has an antibacterial effect. However, this does not mean that microfiber is perfect for cleaning and can still wear and tear.

2 : The forsan crepe

The forsan crepe is very solid, matte and soft, three characteristics that are enough for sisters who want to combine quality and sobriety. It is a wool crepe that has not been adjusted at all. In a beautiful fall, with discreet highlights, it has a fairly soft feel... saleswomen recommend it, describing it as"high-end fabric." That said, without being an exceptional product, it is very well made. We note a small weak point, there is a feeling of slipping in the arms, because the fabric is still very loose, not very pleasant, but nothing serious!

3: The Egyptian Whool Peach

The Egyptian Whool Peach is very comfortable to wear simply because it fits all seasons! Not too light, not too heavy, not too rough, not too silky. It embodies the right environment, trust us! Many people say they wear it every day because it makes it simple to choose an outfit for the day, no matter what the weather. The knit of this fabric is not very tight, but a first wash is enough to give the fabric enough coverage.

4: The Caviary

This fabric, considered a"cheap fabric", is nevertheless a success! It has the double characteristic of being very fluid and almost wrinkle-free. The small tight seams make the fabric very resistant. Caviary is a very popular fabric in spring. It is light, warm and also soft due to the high cotton content of its composition. It is very comfortable on the skin, while keeping you warm in the cooler moments.

How to choose my abaya?

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